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From John Muir Middle School: "My experience with this program has been phenomenal. I enjoyed it a lot. The reason why is because they motivated me a lot to become more athletic and healthy. I grew more and showed a lot of potential. I welcome this program and really appreciated. It was fun. Now, I am very determinate to run track. Alma C."

From Ortega Middle School: Dear Zoila, "Thank You for everything! You’ve helped us through a lot. This program inspires kids to run. It helps them feel better about running a mile without stopping. This program “Run With US” has helped me run a mile faster than ever. I hope you guys keep this program so it can inspire other kids and help them improve in running. Thank you Zoila for all you have done. Kayla"

From Joanna Hayes, elite athlete: "Had a fantastic time today with Health Teacher and the Upstream2012 conference here in Nashville! Wonderful program & great group of people! Joanna"

From John Muir Middle School: "My experience with Run With US! Has been really fun. I have become more athletic. Since they started coming I now run more, play sports, and participate in my PE class. I am very thankful for having Ginnie and Ryan. I thank them for using their time to come to my school and do athletic activities with us. After they leave, I would love for other athletes to come and do the same thing Ginnie and Ryan did. Student from John Muir"

From Organ Wise Guys: "I just wanted to say that both Randall (Randall Flimmons - elite long jumper) and Stephanie (Stephanie Smith - elite sprinter) are darling!!! They are excellent interviewees, look fabulous on camera and are delightful to work with. Thanks for making 2 perfect choices. Karen"

From Ortega Middle School: Dear RWUS! Program, "I really hope you guys bring this back to Alamosa. This program has really helped me learn lots of great things. It helped me learn lots of great things. It helped me learn to see the food labels and be aware of servings, calories, etc. It was awesome learning what is good for you. The activities help me get fitter than I already am. My favorite part of this program was to run the mile, because I was trying to achieve a goal. This program was really cool. Thank Zoila for running with us, the snacks, and for believing in us. Please come back next year to OMS.  Sincerely, Brayan Flores"

From Ortega Middle School: Dear Zoila, "You have taught me a lot and It was fun running with you and it was really cool to meet you. Also I got in the best shape in my life.  Sincerely, Angelo"

From Stephanie Smith, elite athlete: "I had a wonderful time, words can not express my gratitude.  From the time I arrived from the time I left it was a great experience. The crew was extremely nice, and very welcoming. It made me feel very comfortable, and excited. Thank you so much for this experience. It was not only a great experience, but, it was a great inspiration to me especially as I get closer and closer to the Olympic Trials/Games.  - - Stephanie"

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